Changelog April 2018

Last month we did a lot of preparation work on some exciting new features: SSH access and the ability to download backups. Also, we are preparing ourselves for the upcoming GDPR. An important feature has been published already in the control panel, the possibility to accept an improved processor agreement. Lastly, we worked on a number of bug fixes and improvements on the platform.  

Change menu location of Savvii plugin

The Savvii plugin, which is provided with every WordPress site we host, received an update. We’ve merged a pull request we’ve received on Github to move the location of the plugin to the top menu in the wp-admin. 


Started with requirement engineering for two new features

We started working on the requirements for two new features we're planning on releasing within the next couple of months. One feature will be the option to download backups from our control panel. The other one will be SSH access for all of our customers. It’s still very early in the process. Currently we are in the phase of requirement engineering and deciding how both features will look like on a high level. An estimation of the release data is not yet possible, so please keep an eye on these pages.

GDPR notification

We now show a notification when you log into the Savvii control panel which asks you to view and accept our new processor agreement. As soon as you accept you won’t be notified again. 


Bugfixes for Staging feature

We’ve fixed some bugs and made some first improvements on the recent released Staging feature. We now check available disk size before starting the proces of creating new staging site. 

Solved issues:  

  • Trial account emails; fixed a small issue where we now send trial customers the correct mail template
  • Clean expired transients once a day; expired transients are being cleaned in the wp_options table after creating a daily backup 
  • New Savvii deal; added MultisafePay to our deals page in the control panel
  • Security patches; applied security patches to some of our backend libraries to keep our backend infrastructure nice and secure

If you have any questions, let us know via and we will get back to you as soon as possible. Of course, we always strive to develop new features for you even faster. That is why we are looking for back-end developers for our team. Are you a back-end developer or do you know one? Please let us know!

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