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[2 december 2015] Slow connection to shared platform

Our shared platform is currently experiencing slow downs to the datacenter where our servers are located in. We are working on a solution and wil update this thread once we have more information.

[Update 16:07] The problems persist, we are working closely with the support team in the data center to solve the issue asap.

[Update 17:52] We are measuring extremly high loads on our shared servers. We are currently taking measures to decrease this load and to distribute it better amongst our servers. We will be working on this problem in the evening and night if needed. If we have any news for you we will update this post. In any case we will post an update tomorrow morning.

[Update 18:54] The load has currently decreased to a point where the latency issues are not apparent anymore. We will continue working with our infrastructure supplier to further distribute the load.

[Update 21:39] We have just planned a emergency maintenance window for tonight 00:00hr. Within this maintenance window we will adjust some network configurations which may cause a couple of minutes of downtime.

[Update 00:30] We have successfully finished the maintenance window. The uplink to some shared servers could be interrupted during 2-3 minutes.