[December 13-17, 2015] VPS reboots due to security maintenance

[Update 17-12] The maintenance has been completed successfully and all our servers are up to date once again.

Our VPS servers work on a virtualization platform called Xen. Recently, there have been released several Xen Security Advisories (XSAs) that need to be applied to our servers. To process these updates, each server needs to be restarted. The specific details of the XSAs will be released on December 17th by the Xen project-team. Before this date, all servers need to be equipped with the new updates.


These updates are necessary to maintain and guarantee the security and functioning of the servers. A consequence of this update process is that there is a possible downtime of approximately two hours, however this will probably be shorter. 

We understand that an interruption on such a short term is very inconvenient. Still, we hope you understand the measures regarding the importance of the XSAs. The updates will be executed by our supplier of server infrastructure. Unfortunately, we have no influence on when the updates will be processed, this is done by our supplier.


Unfortunately, it is impossible to reschedule the reboot or to process it without downtime. For more information, please check the status page on the website of our supplier Linode: 


We would like to ask you as technical contact, to inform all your colleagues or clients. 

We hope for your understanding in this matter.

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Please notice that the maintenance wil be spread over multiple days (until the 17th of december). We are working on a feature which shows you when your server will be scheduled for reboot in our controlpanel (https://admin.savvii.nl).

We will post an update here when this feature will be in place.