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[December 31 2015] Outage because of a DDoS attack

Linode, the company hosting our VPS systems, is currently experiencing a heavy DDoS attack. This is resulting in some of our VPS being slow or even temporarily unavailable. We will post new updates in this forum thread.

[December 31 2015 - 20:00h+]

The DDoS attack has been stopped and our services are operational again. Linode shares some additional information about the attacks of the last few weeks.

[December 31 2015 - 18:00h]

We are noticing some minor improvements in our VPS uptimes but the issue has not been fully resolved. Linode has updated their status and is reporting continued attacks.

[December 31 2015 - 16:45h]

We are still experiencing outages across all VPS platforms. A solution has not yet been implemented.

[December 31 2015 - 16:00h]

The DDoS attack seem to be weakening but we are still experiencing severe outages. 

[December 31 2015 - 15:00h]

The DDoS attack is still happening.

[December 31 2015 - 14:20h] 

No updates yet. The DDoS is still happening and our services remain unstable. We are monitoring the situation closely.