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[January 12, 2016] Problem with the customer service portal

Reported on January 12 at 08.20 am CET

There's a problem with our customer service portal. This problem resulted in a lot of old tickets being reopened. Therefore the customer service portal is unusable. You can also get incorrect updates on tickets you reported. We are working on a solution for this.  

Update 9.15 am CET - The supplier of our custormer support system is working on a fix for this problem but this is a slow proces. In the meantime were responding to actual open tickets as fast as we can. We're very sorry for the inconvenience. 

Update 10.15 am CET - We have temporarily disabled automatic responses to new tickets. Therefore you will not receive a notification when you submit a ticket.  

Update 10.45 am CET - The problem is not affecting tickets for Savvii customers. The system is also used for other companies wich are still affected. For Savvii the issue is resolved.