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[August 17, 2016] Control panel not available

Reported on August 17, 2016 at 14.45h CEST

At this moment our control panel is unreachable. Therefor it's not possible to manage your site(s). It is also not possible for sites to clear the Varnish cache. We're working on a solution for this problem. We apologize for any inconvenience.

Update 15.00h - The server for is currently unreachable. We're in contact with the datacenter to resolve this. 

Update 15.30h - Our control panel is available again. The problem was caused by a DDoS-attack on the network in the datacentre. Therefor our server was not available aswell.

Update 17.00h - We're again experiencing intermittent issues on We suspect this is caused by the above mentoined DDoS-attack in the network of the datacentre. We're investigating the issue. 

Update 17.30h - It looks like the problems are solved, the control panel is online. We still keep an eye on the issues.

Update 18.15h - The problems are solved.

Update 20.15h - We found problems in the backend, is again very slow. We're investigating the issue again.

Update 22.25h - We've mitigated the problem, should work as expected. We keep monitoring the services.