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[2 Oktober 2016] Disruption on database clusters

We're currently experiencing issues on our shared database clusters making all databases for shared sites unavailable.

The service disruption was noticed by our monitoring tools at 1:10 AM, investigation into the cause started immediatly after. 

We are in contact with out supplier and working on a solution for the problem.

If we have any more information we will share it here.

Update 1:50

Our technical administration panel is also down due to the disruption.

Update 2:10

Several clusters are back online so many sites are working properly again, we are however still investigating the cause and still working on the last clusters to get back online.

Update 2:40

The disruption emerged during planned maintenance of infrastructure, the databases which are currently available might be read-only. Work is being conducted for a complete fix of the issues.

Update 3:35

All shared database clusters are back online and fully available, we are however still conducting tests on our environments.

Update 3:50

The issues with our shared database clusters are resolved. Maintenance on the infrastructure had a larger and unexpected impact than was anticipated. Our supplier will conduct further research into how this could have happened and will inform us with the results.