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[18-5-2017] Database outage

Posted on 18-5-2017 20:55 

We experience some technical difficulties with one of our shared databases ( A part of the sites could be unavailable during the fixing process. To check whether your site is affected; navigate to and select the tab "Database". The database used by your site will be displayed there.

Our system engineers are working on a fix as we speak.

Update 21.15: 

We've escalated the issue to the provider of the server. 

They're looking into the problems that have occurred and are working on a solution. 

Update 21.35:

The database servers looks to be functional again. We're performing checks and monitor the situation for now. 

Update 22.00:

At the start of the evening a rapid increase in database traffic caused the harddrive to fill up faster that we could clean up. Because of this we could not add additional disk space. When we we found the cause of the increase in traffic, we blocked the traffic after which the database server stabilised. Because of this we could also add more disk space to the server.