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[August 29, 2017] Outage on 4 database servers

Reported on August 29. 2017 at 12.05h CEST

There's an outage on two databaseservers. Therefore some sites on Shared Hosting are unavailable. The servers involved are db06 and db08. You can see wich database your site is using in under the database-tab.

Update 12.30h CEST - This outage is caused by a problem at our supplier Rackspace. They are working on a solution for this. 

Update 13.30h CEST - We continue to work on this issue. We're very sorry for the inconvenience.

Update 14.30h CEST - We're still working to resolve this issue. We're also looking into alternative solutions for these database hosts. Thank you for your patience.  

Update 14.40h CEST - We're getting reports on issues expanding to db04 and db05. We're still working to resolve this. 

Update 15.30h CEST - db05 is back online. We're working to resolve the persisting database issues. 

Update 16.00h CEST - Our infrastructure supplier has identified the issue affecting database hosts db04, db05, db06 and db08. They are working on a fix for this problem. 

Update 16.40h CEST - All databases are back online. We'll very sorry for the trouble here. We'll be evaluating this with our infrastructure supplier. 

Update 18.50h CEST - We're again seeing outages on db04, db05 and db08. 

Update 21.00h CEST - The outages haven't been resolved yet. We will keep you informed through this topic.

Update 23.15h CEST - Engineers are still working on restoring the database hosts 04, 05 and 08. We'll update this topic tomorrow morning while we keep working on a solution tonight. 

Update 09.15h CEST - Last night between 02.00h and 03.00h all database hosts came back online. For a big group of users we decided to use the backup of the night before. Almost all sites are back online. We are checking individual sites at this moment. Please let us know if you encounter any issues.

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