Changelog 26 September 2017

Maybe it is not always visible on the surface, but every day we are working hard to improve our services for you. We want to give you more insight on the progress we make every 4 weeks, hence this public changelog. Why every 4 weeks? We’re working in an agile way, adopting the Scrum methodology. In 4 weeks we complete 2 sprints.

New services

Savvii WordPress plugin

  • The flush cache buttons are now only visible for administrators. Cache is still being flushed automatic when publishing new content and/or reactions (dependent on your settings).
  • When you use the plugin in a multisite environment you can now set default values for flush and CDN settings. This way you don’t have to set them for every subsite.

Control panel

  • When adding a new site in the control panel now you need to choose if you want WordPress pre-installed or an empty slot. Using the migration plugin? Then always choose WordPress to be pre-installed.

Internal systems

  • Support staff now are able to quicker adjust PHP settings like version, children, memory limit and max input vars. This lowers waiting times for you.

We don’t share delivery dates. Priorities and changing circumstances demand us to be flexible and we know that nothing is more frustrating than missed delivery dates. That doesn’t mean we don’t value your input. On the contrary! Discuss with us about what we need to deliver by posting your comments below.

Of course we’d love to develop even faster. That’s why we’re actively looking for back-end developers. Are you a developer of do you know someone? We’d love to hear from you!

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