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[24th of januari 2018] Connectivity issues

We are noticing several connectivity issues to our Frankfurt and London datacenters. Linode, our datacenter operator, is reporting network issues and we are seeing degraded network performance en route to our servers from different ISPs.

We are monitoring the situation and will report any updates in this post.

[Update 3: 08:18 25-01-2018]: Our hosting provider has reported that the ISP Colt Group had simultaneous issues at the London and Frankfurt internet exchange facilities. This resulted in network outages for a select amount of people trying to connect to our servers. This issue was resolved by our hosting provider and they are working on configuration fixes to prevent these problems in the future.

[Update 2: 10:57 24-01-2018]: Our hosting provider is reporting that all connectivity issues are resolved. Please let us know if you're still experiencing issues. We will keep monitoring the situation.

[Update 1: 10:52 24-01-2018]: Our hosting provider is investigating the issues but it's unclear which networks are affected by these problems.