Changelog January 2018

We have implemented the following updates to the hosting platform and our services over the past month:

Spectre and Meltdown

Two serious security flaws were recently identified in modern processor architecture. These are known as Meltdown and Spectre. Every modern laptop, desktop and server is vulnerable to these. We have worked hard in collaboration with our infrastructure providers to patch these vulnerabilities as quickly as possible.

Automated server (package) updates

Security and keeping our platform up-to-date are high on our agenda. We have implemented a tool that helps us automate specific parts of the workflow. This enables us to process server package updates even more efficiently.

Security Plus update

The Security Plus package offers you the option of improving the security of your website even further and configuring it intricately. We have trained our engineers and support staff in this and made changes to the process structure so that we can roll this service out efficiently.

Warpdrive - Savvii WordPress plugin

The Savvii plugin we supply with WordPress sites as standard is now open-source and available via Github. Activities in this regard have been completed and the first PR has been processed. You can find the plugin on Github.

Monitoring and email queues

The software used to monitor the platform has been updated and internally, it is now possible for us to delve deeper into processes for debugging. We can thus produce forecasts and prevent faults more effectively. We can also monitor email traffic on the platform better, so that the platform is not disrupted by large numbers of emails.

TLS 1.0 disabled

TLS ensures secure transmission of data over the internet. We have now excluded an old version, TLS 1.0, from the platform because it poses too many security risks. Visitors that use browsers that do not support TLS 1.1 or higher (these are extremely old browser versions) can no longer make a connection.

We are unable to give any completion dates. Priorities and circumstances change quickly and we know from experience that nothing is more annoying than being disappointed in respect of a 

completion date. That is not to say your feedback is not important, on the contrary! Join the discussion about what we are developing by posting your remarks in the comments. 

Naturally, we want to develop even faster for you. We are therefore looking for more back-end developers. Could that be you or someone you know? Let us know!

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