Changelog February 2018

A lot of work has been done to make a flying start developing the staging feature. Below you’ll find a write-up on what we have done and what the future plans are.

Migration shared platform

We have migrated 9 shared servers to a new environment. These were running on an older version of the Linux kernel. All servers now run on the same version which makes managing packages more efficient.

Refactoring API

We have made changes to the API of our backend systems, which we use to communicate between systems. Part of the code has been rewritten and merged to make the API more efficient.

Mitigate CVE 2018-6389

CVE 2018-6389 describes a method than can cause DOS attacks on WordPress websites. Within a few hours we made the necessary changes to our hosting platform, so our customers are not vulnerable to this exploit.

New feature: Staging

On a regular basis, we are asking you (through round table conversations or your account manager) which improvements you want to see on the hosting platform. A much-asked feature is the possibility to create staging environments, so that, for example, updates to WordPress, themes or plugins can be tested before being implemented on the live environment. Your prayers have been answered! The development team is working round the clock to get the staging feature into your control panel as soon as possible. Read here all about the progress being made thus far and where we are working towards.

What does staging entail?

In consultation with Savvii’s Product Owner, Gijs, the following definition has been formulated:

A staging site is a temporary environment, on which I can quickly and easily deploy a copy of the live site and test modifications without influencing the live site.

Crystal clear. What are the functional requirements?

Staging sites can/need to be:

  • a maximum of 1 per site
  • temporary; a maximum of 2 weeks
  • equal to the techniques used in the live environment
  • not be back-upped and not able to be restored
  • make a copy of the live site with one single click
  • merge with the live site with one single click
  • only be reachable to IP addresses that are whitelisted
  • only be used for standard websites, so not for Multisite or Bedrock installations
  • only be accessed via SSH on VPSs.

Acceptance and development environments are not the scope of this project. Users can use these environments as such within the parameters of the staging environment.

Where are we now?

We have made a lot of progress these last weeks. Some of the basic functionalities are done and we are working hard on completing the remaining basic functionalities. At the moment it is possible to:

  • create and delete sites in the control panel
  • reach Staging via sFTP
  • change PHP versions
  • use it in three languages.

The project is still in the so called Alpha stage. This means there are still known and unknown bugs in the software and that we are not testing externally. The Alpha is being tested internally by a big group of colleagues and we are squashing lots of bugs. We are not ready yet and therefore are cannot give any release dates, but it’s clear we are making rapid progress. Keep an eye on this forum, the newsletter and social media for the latest news!

Got any questions? Send an email to and we’ll come back to you as soon as possible! Naturally, we want to develop even faster for you. We are therefore looking for more back-end developers. Could that be you or someone you know? Let us know!

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