Changelog March 2018

These past few weeks, we mainly put a lot of work into bringing the Staging feature to the beta phase. We did it! The Staging header has been added to your admin panel. With it, you can copy Production sites to Staging and vice versa. Because this is a beta version, it may still contain some minor bugs. If you find any, please notify us via to actively help us improve our services. Here is an overview of the other changes we made:

Control panel

We improved date formatting in the control panel. It has been updated and made clearer for each locale.

Improvements to the HTTPS detection

We load the HTTPS detection sooner, which prevents faulty redirects in certain cases (for a custom nginx configuration).

General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

We are preparing for the upcoming GDPR to ensure our systems are in order on time. For example, before 25 May, it will be possible to accept the updated processor agreements directly from the admin panel. We are also working hard to ensure our data processing processes comply with the new regulations. We will keep you updated on on our progress over the coming months.


Staging is in beta! We have conducted internal and external user tests (thanks to everyone who participated!) and squashed any bugs that popped up. Here is an overview of what we built and improved:

  • Merge functionality is done
  • PHP version can now be modified
  • Back-up and restore processes for merging are done
  • Merge options can be set up more precisely
  • Information has been added to the control panel, e.g. sFTP and PHP information
  • The correct PHPMyAdmin link will now be shown
  • OK and error messages are now functional
  • Localisation has been added

We will eliminate the remaining bugs in the weeks to come and begin the development of new features for both Staging and the platform (developers beware!).

If you have any questions, let us know via and we will get back to you as soon as possible. Of course, we always strive to develop new features for you even faster. That is why we are looking for back-end developers for our team. Are you a back-end developer or do you know one? Please let us know!

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