Changelog June 2018

edit: 13 Juli 2018 15:58

We mentioned previously in this changelog a bug fix for copy/pasting. This bug was affecting only our own internal systems, not the user panels. So for our users everything was already working just fine


  • Download  Backups [in progress]
  • Fixed bug  where staging would fail if wp-config  was not found
  • Improved  package overview UI


Download Backups [in progress]


In our last  changelog we mentioned that we are  preparing to add two great new features on our platform: download your backup,and offer a solid SSH experience. We decided  to start with the downloading backups  feature. And we are really making great progress with this much requested feature. 


In June we  moved away from the drawing boards, and  went straight to our code editors. Everything behind the scenes is working as expected: the files and database are nicely compressed in a .ZIP file,  the big storage server is securely connected to systems, and after a set time the backups are safely wiped from the server. 


We are currently working on making this feature  available for everyone. Stay tuned!


Fixed bug where staging would fail if wp-config was not found


There was  an edge case error where you would get an error message if you tried to merge a staging website to the production environment and wp-config was not configured properly. 


Improved package overview UI


We improved the overview of packages for our users who have more than 10 sites at Savvii.


Other improvements


  • Fixed bug in restoring backup modal message.
  • Fixed bug with where a canceled staging site would  throw errors.

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