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In order to migrate your site you have to adjust some DNS records of your domain name.


What is DNS?

The Domain Name System (DNS) keeps track of which devices (webservers in our case) belong to which domain name. Since each device has an IP adress it stores the connection between IP adresses and domain names.


Where do I change DNS settings?

In order to adjust details you have to log in to the control panel of the company with whom you have registered your domain name and navigate to the DNS settings of your domain. The way this works differs between providers, check the FAQ of your domain name registrar for more information.


What do I have to change?

Each DNS record has a number of properties: subdomain, type, target and TTL. TTL cannot always be adjusted and is therefore optional for migrating to Savvii.


In order to migrate to Savvii your A and AAAA records are relevant.


Step 1: Changing the target of your A records

The target of your A records determines which server visitors to your domain will go to. We need to adjust this target server from your old host to Savvii.

If you want visitors to your domainname.tld to use your website at Savvii then you have to adjust the target in your A records. Make sure that you first adjust your site & home URL with Savvii to your primary domain 'domainname.tld'.


- Primary domain: change the record (type A) with as value the IP address which you can find on https://admin.savvii.nl: click on ‘manage’ within your site and go to the menu item DNS.

- Subdomains (www, blog, etc): change the A record with as value your IP address which you can find on https://admin.savvii.nl.

Step 2: Remove AAAA records (if any)

AAAA records are similar to A records but are in IPv6 format. Savvii does not use IPv6, therefore it is mandatory to remove the AAAA records that are similar to the A records you adjusted.


Step 3: Wait

It can take a while before a change in DNS settings is propagated. Count on at least one hour to a maximum of a day.

Step 4: Remove the special line for the migrated website from your hosts file

Remove the special line you added in Step 2 from your hosts file. This line is not needed when your DNS settings have been propagated.

Congratulations! Your website is now fully migrated to Savvii.