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When migrating your site to the Savvii platform it is very important to test your site before making any DNS changes. The best way to test your site is by changing the host file on your system. This way you can replicate the situation where the DNS is already changed to point to Savvii. Watch the video or follow the steps below.

1. Look up the IP corresponding with your site in the Savvii control panel.

2. For Windows users

a. Navigate to the folder 'C:\Windows\System32\drivers\etc' and open the file 'hosts' with notepad (open as administrator).

b. Add the following line: <Savvii-Site IP-adres> <yourdomain.tld> <www.yourdomain.tld>

For example: savvii.nl www.savvii.nl

c. Save the file.

Please check this article for a tutorial with screenshots.

2. For Mac users

Making changes to the hosts on a Mac works through the commandline. Read this tutorial for more information. 

3. Open your browser and navigate to yourdomain.tld. This URL now points to your site hosted at Savvii.

4. Test your site. Pay special attention to all conversion points (newsletter subscriptions, checkout funnels, etc.) and special scripts like A/B tests, analytics scripts, redirects, etc. Use a tool like ScreamingFrog to check your site for redirects and (404) errors.

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Step 3: Configuring your website at Savvii 

Important point:

-From the moment you have exported your files and database, your site at Savvii will not reflect any changes made after that point on your old host. Take care not to add any new content after exporting your site and try to keep the time between exporting and changing the DNS to Savvii so short as possible.