Savvii makes use of varnish caching. Varnish saves a cached copy of your pages and presents this to your visitors. This copy is a picture at a moment in time, and this is why for example your twitter is frozen at the moment that the page arrived in the varnish cache. When the cache is emptied the dynamic content is also refreshed again.


If the cache is not flushed (refreshed) correctly on publication of new content, please check the following: 


  • Is the Savvii-plugin enabled?
  • Is the Access Token set correctlu, in the Savvii-plugin settings? You can check the Access Token in the Control Panel.
  • Is your Primary Domain set set correctly? You can check you primary domain in the Control Panel. Please contact us when this is not set correctly.


If your dynamic content is terribly important to your site you should get in touch with us.  It may be possible for us to stop some pages of your site or your whole site from being cached.