Mailings or mail as an essential part of your site

Savvii offers limited mailing capabilities. We utilize the following limits for outgoing mails to protect our servers and your public name against blacklisting:

SMTP connections per minute: 5

SMTP connections per hour: 30

If e-mails from your website are a core-part of your business we strongly suggest using external SMTP services (have a look at the list below). These services are specialised in handling outgoing e-mails and mitigating problems like spam and blacklisting. They usually also provide extensive statistics. They are also the services you should use for sending large mailings like mothly newsleters, these are by default not allowed on our systems as they tend to cause rapid blacklisting if not handled carefully and by the law.

If your website exceeds the aforementioned mailing limits the mail will be put in a queue on the server. The server will try to send the mails again. If you suspect your website has been blocked from sending mails you can contact our support to have a look.

SMTP Services

Every one of the following services has its own specialty in mailings. You can check which one serves your websites needs the best. Most of these services will offer free (trial) acocunts.






By default, Wordpress uses the PHP-mail function for emails sent from your website hosted by Savvii. The Savvii server uses this PHP function to send all of your website's outgoing mail (from a contact form for example) through an external SpamFilter. Because of this, your website will not send any unwanted SPAM in case one of your plugins or installed themes has a security leak.

Before any mail can be sent through this spamfilter, a server/site-level authentication takes place. Our PHP settings are configured in such a way that the right username for the external Spamfilter will be sent along automatically. Therefore, when you are using the PHP-mail function, it is very important not to override the <MAIL FROM:>-field in the mail-header*. In doing so you will override the PHP configuration that automatically signs in to the Spamfilter, which means no email can be sent.

If you want to change the 'sender' anyway, you should adjust the <ENVELOPE-FROM:> -field.

* a couple of plugins (such as Mailpoet or Quform) allow for an "Email return address for invalid email" or "Email address for undeliverable email" to be set. Leave these fields empty. The plugins will override the <MAIL FROM> header, which means it is unlikely that your mail will find its destination. It will also hurt the SPAM score of the email.


Our servers use a centralized outgoing mailserver with additional spamfiltering. This is done using authorization from the server on which your site is hosted. The mails are sent from the domain which is configured to allow the mails to be sent from these mailservers. This will mean that forwarding these mails automatically may sometimes cause issues as the forwarding server is not allowed to use the domain name according to our SPF record.