Savvii offers four types of SSL certificates. Depending on your requirements and needs, you can choose from the following options:

Domain Validation (3 variants)

At Savvii we can provide three types of domain validation. This is the easiest certificate. It only checkes if your browser is actually connected to your website. Data that is sent is encrypted. This certificate is only valid for one domain (for example or 


1. Let's Encrypt

All domains that are configured in and have the DNS directed at our servers will receive a free Let's Encrypt certificate. Let's Encrypt is a nonprofit organization that is aiming to provide all sites on the internet with secure connection. 

2. Comodo Domain Validation Certificate

When you don't want to use the Let's Encrypt certificate you can also order a Comodo EssentialSSL Domain Validation. This certificate costs €49,95 (exclusive VAT) a year or €79,95 (exclusive VAT) for two years. Because this is a paid certificate there will be a compensation when the encryption is cracked. There are also more ways to verify the domain apart from the DNS direction. You can order a certificate at

3. Comodo Wildcard Certificate

This certificate provides the same security as the Domain Validation certificate, but is valid on all your subdomains. For example, are both secure with one wilcard certificate. This cannot be configured with a Let's Encrypt certificate. A Wildcard certificate will cost € 179.95 per year, excluding VAT. You can also order this certificate at


Both of the above certificates provide the following padlock in the browser of a visitor:

4. Extended Validation


This is the most comprehensive certificate we provide. This certificate is valid for only one subdomain, and can not as a Domain Validation certificate be delivered in a Wildcard version. Besides checking  if your browser is actually connected to your website, it also gives additional information in the certificate. An Extended Validation certificate costs € 279.95 per year, excluding VAT.


The visitor will see the following green bar in his/her browser: