HTTPS arranges a encrypted connection between visitors of your site and our server. It is therefore harder to intercept personal information. When a SSL certificate is installed correctly the site will show a green lock:

In order to see the green lock all content (images, CSS, external scripts like videos) has to be loaded through HTTPS. To achieve this you can follow these next steps:

1. Activate a SSL certificate for your site. There are a few possibilities. For more information, read our support article: "Different types of SSL"

2. Disable the Savvii CDN in your WordPress admin panel. Our CDN is not compatible with HTTPS.

3. Change your home URL and site URL to https://. You can adjust this in WP-admin through settings -> general.

4. Replace all references to http:// in your database to https:// and then empty all cache from your site. More information about search-replace can be found in the following article: "LINK".

5. Check your site with Errors can be found in links or external content in the code of your site. You will have to adjust this manually.

6. View your site on HTTPS. Is the green lock showing? You can now force HTTPS!