The speed at which we will respond to your question depends on the type of question. As to responding we make a distinction between Response time and Resolution time:

Response time will be the time in which we will give our first answer to your question. Ideally, of course, with an immediate solution, but at least you'll receive an update (for example, if another department should investigate your question). 

Resolution time is the time in which we provide a complete answer to your question.

Below is a list of times you could expect. These are target times and the days are real working days. The hours are working hours within our opening hours.

In 2017 we responded in time for 93% of all tickets and 94% of all tickets was solved in time.

Type of question
Target times (Response time / Resolution time)
Financial or accounting
4 hours / 2 days
Support Questions, sales questions or terminations
2 hours / 1 day
Full disruption shared hosting or partial disruption server hosting.
1 hour / 4 hours
Full disruption private server hosting
15 minutes / 2 hours