Hosting your website with Savvii has many advantages. One of those advantages is the automatic updates we carry out daily for your plugins and WordPress core.

Toggling automatic updates on/off

Would you like to use this service? First, log on to your Savvii Control Panel. Next, click Manage next to the website(s) you want to have updated automatically. Scroll down until you see 2 options named Allow core updates and Allow plugin updates

Image: in this example, core updates are turned off and plugin updates are turned on.

Workflow automatic plugin updates

Every working-day, we check every website for available plugin updates. This process is completely automatic and when it's done, we receive a list of websites with the available updates per website.


The updating itself happens manually on our side, again every working-day. We do it this way so we can check if an update has no fatal consequences for the functionality of your website. We check it by visually viewing your homepage before and after every plugin update. You can expect your website to be updated between 9 AM and 12 AM.

What if an update goes wrong?

Plugin updates can almost never do any harm to your website. If we still see something go wrong, we can directly anticipate by restoring your WordPress installation. Here our daily back-ups come in handy: we restore the most recent backup we have from your website in order to undo the plugin update. Of course you will get a notice from us as well.

Do you really update everything?

Of course, we try to update every plugin for which an update is available. Unfortunately, for several reasons, this is not always possible.

  • Authentification problems: Envato Market and other marketplaces often cause authentification problems. In other words, we get no persmission to carry out the update. Make sure you've filled out every needed API key if you use plugins from these sources.
  • PHP errors in your website: There can be other reasons for an update not being performed. For example, sometimes there's an error which lies deeply within the application of your website. This requires attention from your website's developer. In consultation with us, we can reach out a helping hand in this as well.
  • Time Outs: In some cases, a plugin is too large to be updated with our script and a time-out takes place. Big plugins like WPML or WooCommerce are often culprits. 
  • Special folder structure: If the folder /wp-content has a different name, or is placed in a subdirectory, we are unable to perform plugin-updates.

ometimes, we cannot update any of your plugins simply because your WordPress core version is too old for our update script. Make sure your core is up-to-date.
In short, there are several reasons for updates not being carried out properly. Of course, we regularly send out updates to affected customers.

Unfortunately we are not able to update these plugins:

  • yikes-inc-easy-mailchimp-extender
  • advanced-custom-fields-pro
  • js_composer (Visual Composer)
  • uncode-js_composer
  • js_composer_theme
  • wp-migrate-db-pro
  • wp-migrate-db-pro-media-files

Workflow automatic core updates

Updating your WordPress core is very important. It fixes security holes and updates functionalities, among other things. It's important to always use the latest stable version. We always check ourselves, if a core update is wise. We don't update it directly after it has come out, because it's possible that it doesn't function optimally yet. In this case, we wait with updating the core until we perceive it as stable enough. 

This is the reason for our core updates taking place less regularly. Our advice is to upgrade your core manually before moving your website to Savvii, or before you decide to use automatic core updates.


In short, some recommendations by us for being able to use our automatic update service optimally

  • Update all your plugins & your WP-core before letting us do it for you
  • Check your website daily, to check with us whether or not something has gone wrong after an update
  • If needed, fill out credentials like API keys for encrypted plugins from alternative sources
  • Make sure your website generates no PHP errors. You can check for this in your Savvii error log.
  • Check if you've received a notice from us on a failed plugin update, and follow the recommended steps mentioned in the notice
  • Make sure your application stays compatible with the latest versions of WP and plugins. This is the responsibility of your website's developer.