When your website is properly moved you probably want to see the changes at the new location. You can do that before the DNS is converted with the website: webpagetest.org.

You can do the same changes with this site as with your hosts file; testing the live site at a different IP.

Before you start a test you first have to fill in something. Under the tab [Script] of the settings enter the following code (change xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx to the IP of our server):

setDnsName your-website.com xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx

overrideHost xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx your-website.com

setDnsName www.your-website.com xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx

overrideHost xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx www.your-website.com

navigate http://www.your-website.com/

The test will now be done on the IP of our server regardless of where the DNS actually to refers.