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You can quickly and easily move your site for free with our Savvii WP Migrate plugin. Watch the video or follow the steps below.

If you prefer to let us do the migration, you can use our migration service. Please contact us.

Step 1: Update the WordPress site (core, plugins and themes) on your old host and check if your site is working correctly.

Are you using Wordfence? Disable the plugin before starting the migration.

Step 2: Install and activate the Savvii WP Migrate plugin on your current site.

There are two ways to install the Savvii WP Migrate plugin:

A. Download the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in your WordPress admin panel.

B. Upload the savvii-wp-migrate folder to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory through sFTP.

Optional: disable any security plugins like Wordfence to reduce the chances of interference during the migration.

Step 3: Fill in your email address, website url and your Savvii sFTP data and press the 'Migrate' button. Note that the protocol should be added to the website url as well, so prepend the URL with either http:// or https:// .

Please note that sFTP-access to your account at Savvii should be allowed from all IP's. You cannot use the sFTP Whitelist function in admin.savvii.nl at this moment.

Email: This can be any email address and will receive status updates of your migration.

Destination site URL: The primairy domain URL that you want to use at Savvii.

sFTP-data: These fields have been sent to your registered email address.

The plugin is going to migrate your site once you pressed the migrate button. You will be redirected to the migration dashboard. Here you can keep an eye on the migration, but you can also close this window. The plugin will notify you by mail when the migration is completed. When the migration is completed you can continue with the following step:

Step 2: Testing the Savvii site using the hosts file