PLEASE NOTE: Update FileZilla to the latest version. Older versions show problems with logging on to the server.

FileZilla is one of the most used FTP-programs. You can also use FileZilla to log in via sFTP.

Logging in with Quickconnect.
Quick Connect is logging in via the bar at the top of the screen in FileZilla. Because you can only log in at Savvii through sFTP (FTP over SSH) you have to put sftp:// before the host.

Then press ‘Quickconnect’. The first time that you make a connection you will probably get the question if you want to add a key, you must accept this.

Using Site Manager
In Site Manager you can specify the connection protocol, this should be SFTP- SSH File Transfer Protocol. It is not necessary to put sftp:// in front of the hostname. The login type is ‘Normal’ and the connection port is 22.

Then you can click on ‘Connect’.