In some cases you may get a 'Too many redirects' or 'Redirect loop' error if you try to visit your website.

As the name suggests, there is a loop of redirects:

A > redirect > B > redirect > A > redirect > B > etc.

This is caused by the fact that an opposite redirect has been set in two different places (e.g. from to domain and vice versa). These two places are 99% of the cases:

  • One in WordPress itself: WordPress will always redirect you to the value of the home and siteurl.
  • One in the server settings at Savvii: at Savvii you can set whether a (sub)domain should redirect to another (sub)domain.

The redirect loop can be solved by ensuring that both redirects do not contradict each other. If you always want to run your site on you have to set this value for your home and siteurl in WordPress (i.e. enter and make sure in the Savvii control panel that redirects to or that both values are a domaininalias. In this article you can read how to adjust the redirects in the control panel.