The home- and site-URL are settings in WordPress. The home URL indicates which URL the home page should get. The site-URL is the setting for the root folder of the WordPress files. In a standard WordPress installation, these two settings are the same. If you want to use Savvii's managed hosting service - such as automatic backups or updates - the default installation of WordPress is required. 

You can change both settings in three ways: via the WP-admin, with WP-CLI via SSH (on VPS) or via the database. The latter option only applies in principle if you can no longer reach the WP-admin. 

1. Via WP-admin 

  • Log in as administrator. 
  • Click on 'Settings' -> 'General' in the left menu. 
  • Adjust the value of the WordPress address (URL) and Site Address (URL) fields to the desired values. 
  • Save the changes.

2. Via WP-CLI (this only works on a VPS when the SSH function is enabled) 

  • Make sure that the following commands are executed in the /wordpress/current/-map, as always with WP-CLI 
  • Execute the following commands: 

wp option update home ''  
wp option update siteurl '' 

3. Directly in the database

  • Log in to the phpMyAdmin. 
  • Select the database in the left column. 
  • Select the table wp_options. 
  • Click on Search at the top of the screen

  • Enter option_name in the text field home and click on Go at the bottom of the screen. 

  • Click on edit to find the result 

  • With option_value, adjust the value to the set point value. 
  • Click on Go at the bottom. 
  • Perform the above steps again, but then search for siteurl.