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If you have finished the previous steps and migrated your site using the plugin in step 1 and have changed your hosts file in step 2 it is now time to configure your website to function correctly at Savvii.

Follow the instructions in the video below or read our step-by-step guide (please note that filling in your access token is no longer required, we have automated that step):

Step-by-step guide:

Attention: your hosts file should still point your domain to the Savvii IP to complete this step.

Step 1: Log in at your WordPress site at Savvii

Step 2: Click on the Savvii plugin link in the left menu

Step 3: Set the cache flush settings according to your preference. We have two options:

-Flush on post/page edit or publish 

-Flush on post/page edit or publish, comment changes and attachment changes (default)

Step 4: Set the Content Delivery Network settings to your preference. We have two options:

-CDN enabled

-CDN disabled (deafult) (Use this option if you want to use HTTPS)

Please proceed to the last step in the migration process:

Step 4: Adjusting DNS records


Use the Error Log button in the Savvii plugin to check if your website is generating errors. If you see any errors it is advisable to fix them before continuing with the next step.