When ordering a package at Savvii, you are the main contact and have access to the billing and admin portal. At Savvii, you can add multiple contacts when more then one person is working on a site or package.

Step 1. Log in at billing.savvii.nl to add a new contact

The credentials used to log in are equal to the credentials of admin.savvii.nl. Unable to log in? Read this article for more information.

Navigate to 'Account' in the top bar and press 'Manage contacts'.

Step 2. Add a new contact by clicking on 'Add new contact'

Step 3. Fill in the new contact details

Fill in all the required fields for the new contact. The password you set here will not be sent by mail to the contact.

Step 4. Grant rights for the new contact

If you want the contact to only log in at admin.savvii.nl (control panel for sites) for a specific site, enable only 'View basic details' listed under a site name.

Enabling all options under a site name will grant the new contact the ability to cancel, order upgrades and other administrative changes.

Step 5. Save contact

By pressing 'Submit', the contact will receive an email with general information about how to log in to our control panels.

Important aspects to keep in mind:

  • Any contact may request a new password by visiting billing.savvii.nl: 'Forgot your password'?
  • It is not possible to add a contact's email address that is already in use within our system