In some cases it is possible that visiting your website results in a 'Too many redirects' or 'Redirect loop' error.

As the name implies this is due to a loop caused by different redirects:

A > redirect > B > redirect > A > redirect > B etc.

 Two conflicting (reverse) redirects are set, for example from to and vice versa). These two conflicting redirects are set in two different places:

  • One in WordPress: WordPress will always redirect visitors to the values entered for home and siteurl
  • One in the server configuration : Savvii wil redirect domains according to your configuration in our control panel

The redirect loop can be solved by making sure the two redirects do not conflict anymore but point in the same direction instead. If you want to run your site at, please enter this value in WordPress as home and siteurl (i.a. and configure your domains in the Savvii control panel to make sure redirects to The other solution is to have both and as a domain alias.

Read this article on how to change your home and siteurl. This is still possible even if you can't enter your WP-admin by changing the values in the database.