If your page has an error, and you don’t know where to start looking for the origin of this error, then it is wise to check the error log. Every single error is kept in this file, so you can start searching for a solution right away. Please read the error log before you contact Support, so we can help you as soon as possible. In this short tutorial we will show you two ways of accessing the error log: through the Savvii plugin and sFTP.


Savvii plugin


Once you move your site to our platform, it should have the Savvii plugin by default. If the plugin is not there for some reason, please send a ticket to our Support to get the plugin restored.


- Log in via wp-admin.


- Click on the Savvii plugin in the top left of the menu.




You can choose to read 10 or 100 lines from the error log at once through the plugin. While 10 lines is easier on the eye, selecting 100 lines might help you find the right error faster.





- Click on one of the error logs (10 or 100 lines).

You will now see the latest errors on your site. These lines will tell you what is going wrong on the site, and which files are involved.




- Log in via sFTP on your site.


- Click on the 'log'-folder.


Find the text document [your-website].error.log.

- Download the file and open in notepad.