It is possible to add, remove and change domain aliases through Adding a new alias is useful for e.g. multisites or when using a plugin like WPML (multiple languages based on domain).

There are a couple of possible scenarios, depending on what you want to do. We will explain the differences in this support article.

To manage a manage, simply log into and click on the 'Manage' button. This button is placed behind every site in a package and a couple of tabs will appear. Click on 'Domains'.

Do you want to add a new site into your package? Please have a look at our articles about creating new sites or ordering a new package. Do you want to remove a site from your package? Make an enquiry by creating a new ticket. Do you want to cancel a package? Look into our article on how to cancel services.

Adding a new alias

When adding a domain as a new alias you tell nginx (webserver) to serve the site from that domain. To make it work, make sure the DNS of the domain also points to Savvii. Follow the steps below to add a new alias:

1. Press on 'Add domain' (Domains tab)

2. Enter the domain you want to add as an alias, select 'No redirecting' and press 'Add'

The domain is now added as an alias. It can take up to 5 minutes for our servers to process the change. The site will then accept traffic from this domain as well, of course this will happen only if the DNS actually points to Savvii. You can look up the IP of the server in the tab 'DNS' just right of 'Domains' .

Adding a new redirect

You can also add a redirect to redirect all trafic from a domain. For example redirecting a domain from non-www to www. It is also possible to redirect to a specific subfolder. For example to Follow the next steps to get started:

1. Press on 'Add domain' (Domains tab)

2. Enter the domain you want to add as a redirect, select the target of the redirect in 'Redirect to domain'

3. A third field will appear 'Redirect to path'. If you don't change this field, redirect will add the 'request_uri'. will redirect to but will redirect to Use this field if you want to redirect to a domain with a path/subfolder. For example: (domain) --> (redirect to domain). If that would be the case then the 'Redirect to path' field is: '/blog'. The 'redirect to path' should always start with a /. Read this article for more information about the {request_uri}.

4. Click 'Add' to add the redirect.

After the redirect is added it may take 5 minutes before the server processes the change. After it is processed, the site will allow traffic and redirect from that domain. Make sure the DNS of the domain points to Savvii. You can look up the IP in the tab 'DNS' just right of 'Domains'.

Tips and tricks

  • Do you want to change a redirect or an alias of a site? Change the alias/redirect by pressing the edit button. Note that in most cases redirects are cached in your browser. So make sure to empty your browser cache to see the new changes.
  • Do you want to delete a redirect or an alias of a site? Delete the alias/redirect by pressing the remove button.
  • These redirects always have a 301 (permanent) header. Search engines are told this redirect is permanent and only the target should be indexed. Are you instead looking for another kind of request? Please make an enquiry.
  • Changes are not processed immediately but instead may take up to 5 minutes. If there are multiple changes then the changes may be processed in groups.
  • Would you like to force traffic to HTTPS? Create a ticket via this link.
  • You can have multiple aliases and have them act as primary domains (with their own redirects). This can come in handy with multisites and sites with WPML enabled.
  • Make sure that a primary domain is equally set in WP-admin (settings --> general). Otherwise it may cause a redirect loop.