sFTP (FTP via SSH) is a very secure protocol to transfer files with to and from a webserver. However it is possible to make the filemanagement of your site even more secure!

You can do this by limiting sFTP access to a set of whitelisted IP-adresses. You can enable this with the following 3 steps:

1. After logging in on admin.savvii.eu click on the "Manage" button for the site you wish to restrict sFTP access to and then click on the tab "User". 

2. Below "Access Restriction" you can manage the sFTP access. by default there is no IP-based restriction for sFTP access.

3. You can directly add the IP-adres that you are using to log into admin.savvii.nl. You can manually add other IP-adresses through the button "Add-IP".

It takes about 15 minutes before the changes takes effect. You can always check the IP of the location you are at using the page www.watismijnip.nl te gaan. When you've added any IP-adres to the whitelist it is no longer possible to log in with sFTP using a non-whitelisted IP-adres . You can always add your current IP-adres through admin.savvii.nl should you need to log in from a non-whtitelisted IP.