You can restore a backup of your site in

After logging in, click 'manage' behind the site you need to restore. Next, go to the tab 'Backups'. 

On your screen you will see information about all available backups for your site. You can see when a backup was made and who requested it. You can also see the status of the backups and ongoing processes.


Restore a backup immediatly

If you want to restore a complete backup of your site, click on 'restore' behind the backup you need. Our system will immediatly start restoring all files and the database. Depending on the site of the backup this can take just a few seconds or hours. With very big sites we advice to use 'Restore backup (advanced)'.


Restore backup (advanced)

You don't have to restore your site completely. Je can choose to restore only parts of the backup. To do this, click on 'Restore backup (advanced)'. In the next screen, you'll get the option to restore a complete backup. if you need more options? Click on 'Show advanced options'.


In the next screen you can choose wich part of the backup you wan't to restore.

  • Code: all files of the WordPress code, plugins and theme's. In the folder structure this contains all files in /wordpress/current/ except for /wordpress/current/wp-content/uploads/.
  • Database: this backup contains the database of your site. The database contains stellings, pages, posts and passwords of your site.
  • Uploads folder: this contains all files in the uploads folder of WordPress. This means all the files in /wordpress/current/wp-content/uploads/. The uploads folder contact all the files of the Media Library, this includes images and movies. This folder is usually the largets folder and therefor it can take longer to restore this backup. 
Select the options you want en then click 'Continue with restore'. 


In the next screen you'll find an overview of your request. Click 'initiate restore' to start the restore process. 

How long will it take to restore a backup?

Restoring the backup is an automated process and start immediatly. Smaller sites are restored within a few minutes. Bigger sites can take longer. You'll receive an e-mail when the restore is completed. You can also find the status in the Backups screen in 

Can i download a backup or just restore one file?

It's possible to download a backup but you're not able to do this in or using sFTP. To do this you'll need to create a ticket. Depending on the type of request additional costs can be charged.