In this guide we will show you how to work with our backup / snapshot system. You can create, restore and download backups directly from our control panel.

Some important facts about our backups:

  • Backups will be stored up to two weeks and are therefore only recoverable for that time. This includes your manually created backups.
  • You can restore backups to your site, or download them via our control panel.
  • Backups are created and encrypted on the live server, after which they are stored off-site. When a backup download is requested, it will be temporary stored unencrypted on a secured server so that you may initiate the download. 

The backup tab on our control panel looks like this. 

1) "Backups" tab - overview of all created backups with additional information. 

2) "Restores" tab -  overview of all backups that have recently been restored to the website.

3) "Downloads" tab - overview of all backups that are available for download.

Create and manage downloads

The "Backups" contains information about the backups of the currently selected website. You can also initiate, restore or download a backup from this tab.

1) Create backup - You will be able to add a custom label to this backup so that you can easily manage your backups later. This will create a backup of the current state of the websites core files, uploads and database.

2) Restore backup (advanced) - This restore functionality will let you choose which parts of your backup to restore. So you can either restore only the database of a particular day or you can combine different parts of different backups to restore.

3) Info - Shows you the label, size as well as additional timestamps of the selected backup.

4) Download backup - Create a zip file of the core code, uploads and/or database of the selected website. These zip archives will be available for download.

5) Restore - Restore that particular backup to the live version of the website. You will be shown a prompt to confirm the restore.

Run a restore

Press the "Restore backup (advanced)" button. You will receive a prompt. Within this prompt you can restore a backup of any given date to the live version of the website. 

When you press the "Show advanced options" button you will be prompted to select the parts that you want to restore and from what date.

Once you click the "Continue with restore" button you will be asked to confirm the restore:

We will send you an e-mail once the restore is finished. Restores can take two minutes up to multiple hours, depending on the size of the backup that you want to restore.

Run a download

On the backup overview screen, press the "Download backup" button related to the backup you want to download.

You can then choose which parts of the backup you want to download. Every part is prepared as an individual zip archive.

Once you have selected the needed parts, press the "Download" button, you will be redirected to the downloads page of the control panel.

Over here, you will be informed about the current status of your requested downloads. All downloads first need to be recovered from our encrypted storage and stored on our downloads server. 

Once ready, you can download the part by clicking "Download backup" (2). If you want to, you can check the integrity of the downloaded file with the checksum, provided under the "Show" link (1).

You can remove a download from our downloadserver by clicking "Remove backup" (3). Note that this will not affect the backup itself, only the downloadable variant. Downloads will automatically get removed after two weeks.