Our hosting-plans offer a certain amout of available memory based on the plan. An Starter Package has 250MB and a a VPS TEN has 160GB disk space for 10 sites. But how can you see how many space you have left on your plan?

In this article we'll descripe the anwer using the FTP program FileZilla.  This is the most populair FTP pogram. We'll assume that you're already connected and that your located in the root directory of your site. FilleZilla doensn't provide a standard opportunity to see in the total size of the directory and subdirectories, but there's a small solution for this.

If your logged in (with sFTP) you see the "wordpress" directory: 

Right click on the "wordpress" directory and click on "Bestanden toevoegen aan wachtrij"  { Nederlands }


FileZilla adds all files in the "wordpress" directory to the queue. If FileZilla's finish this action, you can see in the right corner on the bottom how much disc space the files contain:


The queue is normally used to see in which files are ready to download. You can add those files, without doing something with those. Because of this you can close FileZilla without consequences, nothing will happen with your files. Please note that if you're doing the previous actions two times without clearing your queue, FilleZilla adds the new files, so the total size will be double charged. If you want a new, first clear your queue (or simply restart FileZilla).

Other programs than FileZilla offer easier or more difficult ways to see in the total (sub)content of a directory. You can go to forums or the website of the program that you're using for more solutions. Also a quick search in Google leads to interesting results.