This article describes the admin panel of Savvii at From this panel you can manage all your services hosted by Savvii. We will illustrate the possibilities of the panel by using pictures. This article will not describe our billing panel at

When logged in you can see the following page:

  1. Change the name of the package (for billing purposes).
  2. Does your package include multiple sites? The (remaining) amount of sites are being shown.
  3. Does your package include multiple sites? This button will create a new site.
  4. Show the administration panel for the site. More about that later.
  5. Manage the content of your site through the WordPress admin (wp-admin).

Manage site

When you clicked on 'Manage'. You'll arrive at the administration panel for the site.

Tab: Overview

  1. The primary domain. This name is only used to recognize the site within our systems and is not neccesarily a working alias. Please contact us if you want to change the primary domain:
  2. This is the Savvii temporary URL. We use this URL for e.g. executing checks and malware scans.
  3. This link points to the WordPress admin (wp-admin) using the primary domain.
  4. Change the PHP version of your site to 5.6 (going to be deprecated soon), 7.0, 7.1 or 7.2. We try to provide you with the most recent version of PHP and always recommend using that if this is possible for your site (plugins, themes and core).
  5. Use this button to empty the cache of the site.
  6. Tell us if you want automatic core and plugin updates enabled for this site. Please see our terms of updating first.
  7. See number 6.
  8. Warning: This action is unrecoverable!! We offer the possibility to remove the site from the package so that you can add a new site.

Tab: Domains

On this tab aliases can be added to the site. An alias functions only if the DNS of the domain points to the server and vice versa.

  1. You can force HTTPS for an alias. Visitors that visit the alias over HTTP will be redirected to the HTTPS variant with a 301 redirect. Please test if your site is ready to work with HTTPS first.
  2. Change or remove an alias or redirect.
  3. Add a domain as a new alias or redirect.

Tab: DNS

This tab shows all the information you need to point the domain to Savvii through DNS.

Tab: Database

  1. This link points to the phpMyAdmin if applicable. The database credentials are in the wp-config.php of your site.

Tab: Gebruiker

On this tab all settings for sFTP access are shown.

  1. Reset the password of the sFTP user. The new generated password will be shown once, and only once.
  2. Add your current IP address to the whitelist of sFTP users. Please notice that non-whitelisted IP addresses are then blocked!
  3. Add a custom IP address to the whitelist of sFTP users.

Tab: Staging

On this tab a copy of your site can be made. This will act as a temporary development environment. This functionality is in bèta!

Tab: Backups

On this tab you can manage your backups.

We have created a separate manual to manage (create and restore) backups here:

We are constantly developing and improving our services and regularly make releases. So the information provided here is not always up-to-date. If you have any inquiry please let us know by creating a new ticket.