WordPress.com is a way to set up a blog free of charge. In this article you'll read how to transfer a wordpress.com site to a Wordpress site with Savvii.

Step 1: Register a domain name, you can do this with our sister company vip.nl.

Step 2: Choose a hosting plan that suits you. 

- Pick the right plan on Savvii.eu

- Enter the new domain name

Step 3: Change your DNS setting at your domain registrar. 

- Enter the IP adress of the Savvii server (read our article about adjusting DNS)

Step 4: Exporte the Wordpress.com data

- Log in to your wordpress.com site and click extra -> export.

- Choose free export.

- Click All content.

- Click Download export file.

Step 5: Import Wordpress data 

- Log in to your new Savvii site.

- Click Extra -> Import.

- Install and activate the plugin importer.

- select the XML file (the export file) and click Upload and import files. Also chekc the option to import all attachments, to have all images imported as well.

Stap 6: Check the site