All VPS plans at Savvii come with memcached enabled. Memcached is an object caching system which, for example, can cache database query results. Object caching is particularly useful when your website doesn't allow for the caching of complete pages due to dynamic content (like webshops) or the use of sessions in PHP.

To use the benefits of object caching, you need to activate memcached via a plugin on your WordPress site. W3 Total Cache and Memcached Redux are the most well known plugins for this. Memcached Redux is a small, lightweight plugin that only offers object caching through Memcached. The more heavyweight W3 Total Cache plugin offers multiple forms of caching. Although the setup is more complex, it can contribute to your website speed. 

Please keep in mind not to install and configure both plugins at the same time to use Memcached for object caching! The plugins will interfere with each other. 

Memcached Redux 

The installation consists of 3 steps: 

1. Install the Memcached Redux plugin 
2. Move the wp-content / plugins / memcached-redux / object-cache.php file to wp-content / object-cache.php. Caution: Do not copy the file, but actually move it! 
3. Add the following lines to wp-config.php, after DB_NAME is defined, but before loading wp-settings.php:

// Cache prefix for memcached 
define('WP_CACHE_KEY_SALT', md5(DB_NAME . __FILE__)); 

Moving object-cache.php can be performed via sFTP. The explanation about sFTP via Filezilla at Savvii can be found on this page. 

W3 Total Cache 

The installation and configuration of W3 Total Cache is a bit more complex:

1. Install the W3 Total Cache plugin. 

2. Go to the plugin by clicking on "Perfomance" on the top left, or the  left menu and clicking on "General Settings." 

3. Under Page Cache, set Page Cache Method to "Memcached." 

4. Under Database Cache, check the box. 

5. Under Object Cache, select the checkbox and select "Object Cache Method": "Memcached." 

6. Go to "Cache Fragment" and set it to "MemCached." 

7. Click 'Save Settings & Purge Caches' 

If you use Minify or other caches, please also select MemCached. Do not enable database cache if you use object cache, this will impact the performance of your site in a negative way.