When your site is available for visitors we recommend you to direct all traffic through HTTPS (even when a visitor enters through HTTP at first). This process is called "forcing HTTPS" or "forcing SSL". When activated all visitors will enter the website through a secure connection. 

You can force SSL in admin.savvii.nl:

  • Select the right site and click on "Manage".
  • Click on the tab "Domains".

Now you will see an overview of all the domains linked to your site. You can only force HTTPS on an alias and not a redirect. Toggle the button "Force SSL" to (de)activate this function. It will take up to ten minutes for the server to process the changes.

When you try to force HTTPS it will check whether HTTPS is available for your site. If HTTPS is not available the button will not work and you will receive a message that the change cannot be processed. During the check our system will search for DNS records that are redirecting to our servers. So you cannot force HTTPS on sites that do not redirect to our servers. If you want to force HTTPS although the site does not redirect to our servers you can create a support ticket