With our staging platform you can quickly create a temporary environment for your website to use for development and testing. Staging environments are hosted on the same server as your original website and can exist up to 4 weeks after which they will be removed. Only one environment can be active at the time at any given moment for one website and it is identical to the production site regarding server specifications. The staging site is unable to send e-mails.

ATTENTION! Staging currently only works on our default WordPress installations. If you use a configuration that alters the folder structure of your WordPress installation, including multisites, staging will not work.

Note: when you use an sFTP whitelist on the live site, this will be synced to the staging environment once. If you need to add IP addresses to the whitelist on the staging environment, please get in touch with support.

1. To activate your staging environment, log in to our control panel and "manage" the specific site you want to activate staging for. Next, click the "staging" tab:

2. Next, click "create staging site":

3. Wait for our server to create and clone your website.

4. Your staging site has been created. You will see new details about the site, including the new system name, creation and expiry dates  and the sFTP credentials. This is also where you can change your PHP version. You can now use the staging environment to work on your staging site!

5. If you're done testing and editing your staging site your can either 

  • Remove it (if you don't want anything done with it), or:
  • Merge it with the live site. To merge, click the "Merge Staging to Production site" button. In the next window you can indicate which sections of the site you want to merge back to the production site. 

6. After the merging is done you will be asked if you want to continue or if you want to roll back. Please use this moment to check if your site is working correctly and if not: use the "RESTORE" button to roll back to the moment before merging.

If you have any additional questions, please contact support.