Savvii is available for support questions by phone, chat, email, and ticket.

In order to be able to answer your questions as fully as possible, it is useful to have a number of things clear before you contact us. We can look up a lot, but we don't know what you see, hear or experience. So you will have to be able to communicate this to us.

Privacy and data security

We will not provide information to, or make changes for people we don't know. If you contact us, make sure you do so from an email address or phone number known to us. You can add email addresses and phone numbers to your account on our billing portal.

Is your site unreachable or does it contain errors?

Make sure you can describe how you came to the mistakes (what has been recently adapted to the site).

What is the exact error message, what is in the error log?

Make sure you have a date and time when you see this error message.

From which IP address did you visit the site when you saw the error message?

Do you have a question regarding invoicing or administration?

Make sure you have your customer number/invoice number at hand.

A lot of things you can / should arrange yourself on our billing portal. Make sure you can log in there.

Do you have a general question about us or our product?

Please contact us!

What can, and what can't we help you with?

As a hosting party, we primarily provide support on hosting and everything involved. Developing sites and solving problems that are deep in a site is something we leave to our customers and their developers. This is because each site is different and there are thousands of plugins and themes. Because of this diversity, it is not workable for us to live on a deep level of support on websites themselves. Of course, we can always look at error messages to point you in the right direction.

Put simply: we deliver and manage the platform on which you, as a customer, can build, develop and operate your website.

Contact methods

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Call us: see the phone number at the top right of this page

Support is available at:

Monday to Thursday: 08:00 to 17:30

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Saturday & Sunday: 10:00 to 16:00