One of the advantages of hosting your site at Savvii is that we can keep the WordPress-core and the plugins of your site up-to-date for you. This improves the safety of your site.

Enabling automatic updates

If you want to use the automatic updates, you can enable them via Behind the site you want to set this up for, choose Manage. In the tab Overview you can then enable the core and plugin updates separately by using the buttons below:

Procedure for automatic updates

Every working day we automatically check every site where the button above has been converted to available updates. Once we know which sites have available updates, we will manually perform the updates. This allows us to check immediately if the updates have any consequences for the functionality of your site. We do this by visually checking the front page of your site.

Updating plugins rarely affects the functionality of your site. In case we do see errors, we will restore the last backup. You will receive a message about this immediately.  

Updating the WordPress-core does not happen as soon as the update is released. We will wait a few weeks, so that any bugs can be filtered out.  

Is really everything updated?

We try to update as many plugins as possible. However, some plugins cannot be updated by us for several reasons:

  • Authentication problems: Some plugins require an API-key or log-in for retrieving files to enable the update. We often do not have access to these credentials. 
  • PHP errors in your site: There may also be other reasons that an update cannot be performed. It is also possible that there is an error deeper at application level. This requires the attention of the developer of your website. We will always inform you about the specific error we encounter. 
  • Time-outs: Some cases cause a time-out, for example if an update is too large. Large plugins such as WPML or WooCommerce are sometimes a risk. 
  • Special folder structure.