Every site at Savvii has standard mail functionality. In this article we give an overview of the most important things you need to know when you want to mail from your site.


We set outgoing email limits to protect our server and your website from sending spam. This means that we have implemented the following restrictions:

Maximum number of outgoing mails per minute: 5 

Maximum number of outgoing mails per hour: 30

If you think you are going to exceed the above limits, we advise you to look for a separate SMTP service (for example SendGrid, Mandrill, SendinBlue or SendPulse). These services are specialized in the reliable sending of a lot of e-mail and also offer extra features. These include statistics on how often an email has actually been read, or which articles from a newsletter your customers have viewed the most. Talking about newsletters: because of the limits you can't send them from your site.

Your mail will be placed in a queue if you exceed the limits. The server will try to send the mail later. If you think that your mail will be placed in the queue, the service desk can check with you if that is indeed the case. Please contact us for more information.


PHP-Mailer is used to send mail from WordPress. Mail sent from your site is sent via PHP-Mailer via an external spam filter. This ensures that no spam can be sent from your site, for example due to a poorly secured form or a leaky plugin.  

In order to be able to use this spam filter - and thus to be able to send your mail - it is important not to overwrite the settings of PHP-Mailer. Plugins such as Mailpoet or Quform allow you to overwrite the MAIL-FROM field in a field similar to "E-mail return address for invalid mail". So it is important to leave this field blank. If you want to change the sender, you need to change the ENVELOPE-FROM field.