HTTPS provides an encrypted connection between the visitor of your site and our server. This makes it difficult to see the traffic and it is therefore safe to enter personal data on your site. A site that works well with HTTPS shows a green lock in the address bar.

To get the green lock, all parts of the site (pictures, CSS, external scripts such as videos) must be loaded via HTTPS. To do this, follow the steps below:

1.    Activate an SSL certificate for your site. There are several possibilities, see the support article: What types of SSL certificates can I activate with Savvii?

2.    Change the Home-URL and Site-URL of your site to HTTPS. This can be done via the WP-admin of your site in settings -> general



3.    Replace all references in the database of your URL with HTTP to HTTPS. Then empty all caches of your site. More instructions can be found in the article: How do I perform a search-replace on my database?

4.    Check your site at Problems that arise here consist of links to external content or are in the code of your site. Adjust this manually. 

5.    View the site via HTTPS. Will you get a green lock? Then you can force HTTPS via