If you run into an error message or a blank white page and don't know where to start looking for the cause of the error, it's wise to look in the error log. In this file the errors are kept and you can quickly solve problems yourself. It is a good idea to read the error log before you contact Support, so we can help you as soon as possible. In this manual we will show you two different ways to view the error log: via the Savvii plugin and sFTP.

Savvii plugin

The Savvii plugin is standard on your site when you move to our platform. If you no longer have the plugin, please send a ticket to our Support and ask them to restore the plugin.

- Log in via wp-admin.

- Click on the Savvii plugin in the top left of the menu.

You can read 10 or 100 lines from the error log via the plugin. 10 lines are a bit clearer and with 100 lines you can find older problems faster.

Click on one of the error logs (10 or 100 lines).