Savvii provides 4 different types of SSL certificates. Certificates are distinguished by the type of validation and the domains they work for. The quality of the encryption is the same for all certificates.

Domain Validation (3 types)

Domain Validation certificates are validated by the administrator of the domain. The certificate thus proves that you are connected to the domain in question. In the browser, connections that are encrypted by a Domain Validation certificate are displayed with a 'green lock'.


1. Let's Encrypt (default)
All domains set up in, and of which the DNS is addressed to us, receive by default a Domain Validation certificate from Let's Encrypt. Let's Encrypt is a non-profit organization that aims to make the internet fully available via HTTPS. In this article we explain how the activation works.

2. Sertigo Domain Validation Certificate
If you don't want to use Let's Encrypt you can order certificates via our Comodo EssentialSSL Domain Validation. The costs are € 49,95 excluding VAT per year. Because this is a paid certificate, there is an insured amount that can be paid out if the encryption is cracked. In addition, there are several validation options so that the DNS does not have to point to us to get a certificate. You can order the certificate via

3. Sertigo Wildcard Certificate
This certificate offers the same security as the Domain Validation certificate, but is valid on all subdomains of a domain. So it is a certificate for * It is not valid for sub-subdomains, therefore a separate certificate is required (i.e. for * but not for *.* WildCard certificates cannot be created via Let's Encrypt. A Wildcard certificate costs € 179,95 excluding VAT per year. You can order the certificate via

Extended Validation (1 type)
In addition to the Domain Validation of the above certificates, an Extended Validation certificate also checks whether the owner of the domain has applied for the certificate. Not only does this check if you are connected to the right domain, but also if you are connected to the right company. That's why the company will be visible on the screen. This extra validation also means that data must be correct, e.g. the holder of the domain (company name) must match the registration at the Chamber of Commerce and a telephone check takes place at the owner of the company. It is therefore not possible to display a name other than the one stated on the KVK registration. 

4. Sertigo Extended Validation
We only deliver Extended Validation certificates for single domains. Wildcard certificates are not available for Extended Validation. For example, only (www.) or are concerned. An Extended Validation certificate costs € 279.95 per year. You can order the certificate via