sFTP (FTP via SSH) is a very secure protocol. However, it is possible to secure the access to the files of your site even better. This can be done by using admin.savvii.nl to restrict the access via sFTP to IP-addresses that are only approved by you. You can set this up as follows:

1. After logging in, click on 'manage' at the back of the site you want to restrict access to and go to the 'user' tab.

2. Under the heading 'Access Restriction' you control the access for sFTP. By default, there is no limitation on an IP basis.

3. You can directly add the IP address from which you connect to admin.savvii.nl. Other IP addresses (e.g. from your home location) can be added via 'Add IP'.

It takes about 15 minutes for the changes you make here to be processed. You can always find out the IP address of a location by going to the page www.whatsmyip.com at that location. Once you add an IP address, it is no longer possible to log in via sFTP from other IP addresses. Of course you can always log in via admin.savvii.nl to enable access from the location where you are.