You want to know the possibilities and requirements for the Security Plus package. You've read our blog article on [Security Plus] <LINK COMING SOON> but you still have questions. Maybe the answers to these Frequently Asked Questions will answer your question as well. If your question is not answered within these blogs and support article please inform us so we can amend the information.


1. "How does the install for Security Plus work exactly?"
2. "Does Security Plus protect me 100%?"

1. "How does the install for Security Plus work exactly?"

Security Plus will be installed by Savvii. The only thing the client has to do is fill out an intake form and change the DNS records to the WAF. The intake looks like this:

## Mandatory data:
1st domain name: 
2nd Savvii system name: 
3. e-mail address to which reports can be sent:

##Questions for additional security (not mandatory):
1. from which IP address(es) do you frequently edit the page?
2. do you use your own SSL certificate?
3. do you use a CDN like Cloudflare or MaxCDN?
4. do users have the ability to leave comments about your website?
5. in which countries are the target groups of your website and what languages do they speak?

## Additional requirements (not mandatory):
1. are there specific folders or URLs you want to back up? Do you want a reCaptcha or IP security on this?
2. do you have any other wishes?

After we've installed Security Plus you will be provided with an IP address to which the DNS can be pointed.

2. "Does the Security Plus protect met 100%?" 

No, 100% protection is impossible since the WAF will only prevent attacks it can recognize as malice. This means that attacks from the inside, through perhaps a faulty plugin, can't be detected by the WAF. That's why it will still be important to keep the website up-to-date, even when using the Security Plus package. 

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